Why are we here?

We Have The Ability To Take Great Ideas And Turn Them Into Big Companies!


Silver Beam Accelerator is a unique Accelerator program designed to ignite your Idea and take it to the next level.

During an intensive 4 month Accelerator program period, we provide a tailored combination of all additional resources required to speed up the product-to-market process: capital, advice, a place for the team to sit and interact with other entrepreneurs, technical support, and access to marketing platforms with millions of users worldwide.

Our mission is to provide you with all resources needed to grow an idea into a well established successful company.


We provide a variety of solutions, specifically adapted to early-stage start-ups.


We help mold a stable management team and help to focus the project in the right direction and at full speed. In a nutshell, we are fully invested in the success of our startup companies! We have helped hundreds of brands and agencies worldwide to operate web, mobile, and online platforms.

Our marketing abilities are global, specializing in various verticals such as Business / Finance, Entertainment, Technology, E-Commerce, Travel and more.

You can be sure that your idea will be seen and heard in all the right places.

In addition to our acceleration program we’re looking to invest money in our top graduated companies.

We make it possible for member companies to achieve greater success than they ever could on their own.


During the Acceleration program, we equip each one of the companies with the following:

  • Place icon A place to sit
  • Market icon Marketing and Analytics systems
  • Support icon Technical support
  • Payroll icon Accompanying experts
  • Experts icon ‘Lean Canvas’ method
  • Experts icon Funding option
We provide an office space for the team to work together during the acceleration program. Each one of the companies have the opportunity to meet other entrepreneurs, expand their business relations and get new ideas from talented people in the industry.

The office space includes a place to sit, internet access, administration services, soft and hot drinks, snacks and fruits, daily breakfast, Happy hours and more.

Silver Beam has unique marketing platforms which will be used by each one of the companies in order to have marketing and/or advertising testing on web & mobile.

With these marketing platforms, the product can meet the market’s need at a minimum time.

The marketing platforms can execute the 'Go2Market' plan based on reliable data and real users.

The companies can use these platforms in order to make AB testing and marketing/users analysis.

Each one of the companies has the option of using silver beam’s support on the technical side; from code review, debugging, and QA are just some of the many things we specialize in.

We provide anything needed in order to get your product working seamlessly.

Our companies enjoy the guidance of experienced professionals and a series of lectures related to the startup world.

There are 3 structures of mentoring relationship, including:

Office hours: open sessions with mentors so that each one of the companies can sign up to whenever needed.
Lecturers: Several lectures from professional external speakers on issues most startups bump into - Technical scaling, Investments, U.S penetration, SEO and Content SEO, Working with affiliates, Email marketing and more.
Peer mentoring: Often the most valuable advice for a startup comes from those who are just a couple of months, rather than ten years, ahead. Since they are experiencing the same issues, they can help each other out, on everything from how to hire their first employee to solving complex coding problems.
Silver Beam Accelerator has joined forces with ‘Clear PMM’ and ‘LeanStack’, to offer the Israeli community of entrepreneurs a set of tools, content and workshops to allow entrepreneurs to easily adopt methodologies and best practices from the most successful startups in the world.

The acceleration program companies will work and be guided by the ‘Lean Canvas’ method.

Each one of the companies has full access to the ‘Lean canvas’ method program.

This program will be supervises and escorted by Shoham Eckhaus (Clear PMM) and Ash Maurya.

At the end of each cycle, we can further invest in companies we believe in.

We’re ready to invest in companies who have completed the program cycle.



We believe that digital ventures (mobile and web) are most likely to reach a product that proves feasibility within the time frame of 4 months, and that companies focusing on these domains will benefit the most from our accelerator.

For us, the only restrictions are:
  • Presentation icon Having a working MVP\POC
  • Team icon A strong cohesive founding team
  • Idea icon A product with real value
  • Investments icon Early stage – pre seed / seed


‘Silver Beam Accelerator’ is part of a Corporate Group specializing in development, marketing, and promoting various websites and mobile platforms on the world wide web.

The Corporate Group consists of several major players in the online advertising industry:

An innovative digital advertising company. Adorika helps hundreds of brands and agencies worldwide to operate web, mobile, and online video campaigns.


A software company which designs, develops, and produces mobile applications, web products, and new media solutions of the highest quality.


Since it first launched in 2009, Ad-sys is the best-in-class advertising and trading system for the world of digital advertising.


An award winning advertising technology focused on monetizing media and expanding targeted audiences. This system is designated to target and control any media.


A free messaging App, with more than 3M users world wide.



We are looking for awesome, genuinely creative teams. If you think you’re the right fit, apply right here right now.
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